1. Location, Location, Location..and Budget

It's probably safe to say that you, the Parents, will be helping out your Student. They are smart and savvy and will know the area they want to be in. As in the case of my Student, they will have worked out the difference in the cost of living on vs. off-campus. If they haven't, that ok. Trust them, but verify. That's where I come in.

2. Get Ahead of the Competition

Being a Student means organizing your time to fit everything in and get good grades. Once you get the idea you want to live off-campus, you will test your inner drive and determination on actually getting a place. I have the necessary knowledge, experience, and relationships within the Real Estate community to take you from sitting on the sidelines to having the place both you and your parents would love.

3. Communicate

During the process of finding your off-campus housing, consider me your central point of contact. This requires prompt and timely communication in order to have all Parents, Students, Landlords, and Property Managers on the same page. Sounds overwhelming? It is...and this is my specialty. My commitment is to you, Student and Parent, to make this process easy and stress-free.