1. Match Day

All across the country, young doctors will be joining various hospitals on what is known as Match Day. This means big moves for most. To new cities, far away from friends and family. I am so grateful for all the people who decide to become physicians. A warm welcome to all of you who will be moving to Seattle or Orange County.

2. Physician's Loan Program

Is it even possible to qualify for a home when you just got out of medical school with a lot of debt? You bet! As your Physician's Agent, I have a team of lenders who specialize in Physician's Loans. With this, you are prepared to write an offer should the right property present itself. 

3. Relocation Made Easy

As with any Real Estate transaction, whether it's a lease or purchase, my commitment to you is to handle all the details of your relocation so you can spend your time helping people and saving lives.