1. Offer Acceptance

Once your offer and terms are successfully negotiated, you're on your way to the next phase of the home-buying process. At this point, your real estate team, which includes your agent, title and escrow, and your lender, will be working behind the scenes so you can get your keys on closing date.

2. Title and Escrow

Escrow is a 3rd party to the property transaction. Title and Escrow are usually in the same company. Your Title Agent will make sure the deed to your property is free and clear of any encumbrances. Once that is finalized, your Escrow Agent will work closely with your lender to ensure the financial details are in order.

3. Closing

Once all the documents are prepared, you will get your buyer's packet to review. Your Escrow Agent will explain the paperwork and schedule a time for you to sign everything. Once both you and the seller have signed, all the documents go to the County for recording. You'll get a call from your agent when the all the funds are  delivered and everything is transferred to you. Now you're a homeowner!